ARMARIE is a union of two sisters, Ariana and Yolanda Marie, born and raised in Boston MA and now residing in Brooklyn. ARMARIE creates bold statement pieces that promote a sense of pride to the wearer. Individualized by "spur of the moment" inspirations at times, ARMARIE pieces have a voice of their own. A new collection called "Cross Your Heart" launched for 2015 as a pair of 2 mix/match bracelets...meant as friendship bracelets. The Unique Collection includes a sleek, unisex design made of braided or corded leather. Each design that ARMARIE offers is made by hand and radiates its own blunt personality.


ARMARIE's most recognized apparel collection to date is the Google It collection. Graphic tees with "Im Cape Verdean Google it" was sparked by the sisters Cape Verdean roots. Trademarked and designed in 2012, these shirts have made a huge mark via social media and have been shipped all over the country!